Monday, October 12, 2009

sicked n happy

as the title
sick ady
since yesterday nite
felt so bad

dun wish 2 study
cant focus at all
sleep early
but still the same
havent recover

2day afternoon
after took a nap
went 2 my mum's room
wished 2 sleep again
opened the window
i saw a familiar car
then i saw my baby
he was coming 2 my house
he didnt tell me
i was so happy at the moment

after that
he opened the door by his own
then went upstair find me
i was lying in the room
waiting 4 him
n then he lying beside me
felt so warm

i was hugging my baby tat time
really happy
i like the feeling
tat i hugged him tightly
especially i was sick-ing now
felt happiness

2day was a happy day
altot i still sicked

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